Let’s Ask The Expert / Interview with Alex Taylor

Let’s Ask The Expert / Interview with Alex Taylor


As IVF Turkey, we have teamed up with Sandra Greenbank to run the fertility support group in St Albans under the umbrella of the Fertility Network. Each month we invite experts within the fertility area. During our last session, we had the lovely Alex Taylor, who is a Fertility Yoga Teacher, and we had a chance to ask our questions to her and find out more about the Fertility Yoga! 

Would you please explain what Fertility Yoga is?

Fertility Yoga is a series of yoga poses with a particular focus on bringing a good blood supply to the reproductive organs, such as the pelvis, ovaries and uterus. By opening up the hips and nourishing the vital organs, it helps nurture and release tension which may be acting as a blockage or barrier.  It also supports the endocrine system which is important to regulate the hormones. There is a huge focus on the breath to bring a fresh supply of oxygen to the brain to eliminate tension from the mind and allow the body to follow a more positive path. If the mind is happy, then the body will follow and be more open and receptive.

How it differs from other types of Yoga styles?

Fertility Yoga differs from other yoga styles as it has a particular focus on reproductive health and your conception journey. It is a gentle, nurturing and holistic approach to knowing, trusting and loving your body.  These are structured sessions that allow connection with the sacral chakra which is situated in the pelvic region. These sessions can either be done alone or with your partner to connect even deeper. I believe conception is a shared journey and both sides can benefit from Fertility Yoga to alleviate tension and anxiety during this time.

How about its impact to reduce stress for anyone who is struggling with Fertility?

Studies have shown that yoga in general aids to reduce stress. This is a common denominator when trying to conceive. The financial, emotional and physical stress on both sides can be overwhelming. If tension is very high, cortisol (stress-related enzyme) can kick in and act as a barrier to conceiving. Therefore, by learning breathing techniques to clear the mind to allow the body to simply let go is so important. Fertility Yoga can help bring the body and mind together to a state of calm and can be done at any point during the day.

Could you share any link to show our readers the yoga positions that can boost your fertility?


For more information on Fertility Yoga please visit: https://www.facebook.com/YogAlexHerts/

Many thanks for your time Alex!